Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Canadian gun owners go to the polls on Oct 14

The upcoming election in Canada will decide the fate of long gun registration and firearm laws in general.

If LEGAL gun owners in the province of Quebec and Ontario vote Conservative and give Prime Minister Stephen Harper a majority government, the long gun registry would see a quick death.

A Conservative government lead by Harper wishes to remove the registration of long guns, implemented by a past Liberal government, but can't at present, as they don't have a clear ruling majority and would lose the vote required to rescind.

If returned to power, liberals have there own plans. They wish to not only add more restrictions on long gun ownership, but to ban handguns completely.

Ontario and Quebec have Liberal leanings and how they vote will sway the election unless the Conservatives can persuade a change in voting patterns.

Toronto is a tough nut to crack, as they have many who require a vast social network that requires government handouts.

Liberal Toronto's most recent answer to an illegal handgun problem within the city and firearms in general?

Go after legal gun owners...

Toronto refused to renew leases with gun ranges on city property and forced gun club closures.

Based on current gun crimes statics, the criminals seemed to not miss having gun ranges to use for practice.

However, handgun owners in Canada must belong to a gun club and this closure action was more likely implemented to reduce the ranks of legal gun owners, as some think they are the source of illegal handguns in Canada, as criminals supposedly steal legal guns in great numbers, but not supported by fact.

One Olympic shooter that I know of no longer has a place to practice inside the city and now has to travel for practice.

Toronto is not the only problem in regard to achieving a majority Conservative government, as a majority in the Provence of Quebec are anti-gun and until recently not inclined to vote Conservative.

However, Conservatives may make gains within the province based on issues that are unique to Quebec.

If gun owners get out and vote, the long gun registry will be elemented...

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