Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The gun critics silence prior to the election is deafening

Mayor Bloomberg and Chicago Major Daley have been uncharacteristically quiet on the subject of GUN CONTROL.

Six months ago you could not keep them from making weekly statements on the subject.

Newspapers across the nation published every word of there non-stop rhetoric against lawful gun owners, many cheering them on in the editorial pages.

We heard it all; Gun locks, mandatory licensing, firearm registration, the right to deny gun ownership without just cause, restrictions on ammunition purchases, controls on the sale of ammunition, smart guns, serial numbers on ammunition, one gun per month purchase, against canceled firearm permits, banning of semi-automatic firearms, banning firearms that look dangerous, protect the children, more laws against lawful gun ownership.

Anti-gun articles published by the mass media has mostly dried up, as the left in the media does not want to draw attention to Democrats true agenda and Democrats for the most part have stopped talking about the subject.

Major ant-gun organizations are keeping there powder dry and seeming to be promoting firearms for hunters, if you wish to believe their rhetoric.

The consensus is the Supreme Court will likely see three (3) new members in the next four years, with the oldest stated to retire, 92 years of age. That is the bottom line for this election and more important than who controls the congress.

With Obama as president, new members will be decidedly liberal and against the 2nd Amendment. They will also liberalize many of the nations laws in regard to immigration and borders.

Special interest groups in-turn will have more say in the governing of the United States and the spending of it's tax dollars, as laws will be written by the left in congress to support there agenda, with the Supreme Court supporting them.

It's your vote, use it wisely!

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