Saturday, October 04, 2008

Not always a positive experience at clay target clubs

Passed on a few shoots this year that have a history of not starting on time.

Nothing more frustrating then to be waiting around for 30 minutes to an hour waiting for first squads to go out.

I don't know if my gun was missed, but I'm sure mine was not the only one based on shoot attendance numbers.

It's not always raising cost that keep shooters away...


I have a pet peeve on "fun shoots" that have no cut off registration time.

I enjoy seeing final scores and the given of awards, but when shooters are still going out and it's 3pm.

Think about this the next time you attend a meat shoot and have to wait until the end to see who wins...


I passed on the chance to visit a few sporting clays clubs this year, as the targets have not changed for what seems like forever.

Even if they would only change every third or forth station from time to time, it would be appreciated.

Unlike skeet and trap shooters, sporting clays shooters expect change!



I shot registered targets at a few clubs this year where old Winchester skeet machines need to be junked.

As cost raise, the tolerance level for problems seen at shoots lower, especially if it's a large number of "no bird's" due to machines that should have been retired long ago, and experienced at the same club, year after year.

Attending a 4-gun NSSA skeet shoot is expensive. It can easily be a $500 weekend for an individual when you add up the cost of the shoot; travel, motel, meals, ammunition, and shoot fees.

Usually the problem field is the one never used, except for shoots.



I don't shoot that much registered trap, but the marathon aspect of ten shots per post seen at some shoots is not enjoyable, especially when on a short squad.

Clubs overbook shoots and shooters suffer, as they are forced to shoot 50 targets without a break, hot day or not.

I still remember my last shoot, where you did not shoot ten per post, but were required to bring fifty shells, shooting five per post, but not take a break.

I stopped after each 25 to take a quick drink of water. I received "the look" from the squad leader who was standing on post 1, as I was holding up the squad.

We were not a full squad and by no means a full shoot!

By the way, I had my push cart with water bottle, positioned behind me, near the 20 yard line, so it was not like I was leaving the field.

At the end of the day, comments were made by those working the shoot on how early the shoot ended, like it was a badge of honor for the club.

Yes, but did everyone have a good time and looking forward to attending the next shoot?

The serious shooters don't seem mind the quick pace, but for the rest who are shooting to have a good time with friends...


Sporting Clays.

Self scoring in sporting clays is seen at more and more shoots.

I understand why it's done, but not as much fun as shooting at a club with scorers.

If I have a choice between two shoots on the same weekend, I'm attending the one with scorers!

At the self score shoots, many have no idea on the correct call for "no bird" scenarios.

Squads want to make the correct call, but...

At the La Roue du Roy, basic rules our placed on the back side of the clip board on one sheet of paper, under a laminating sheet.

No one has to make up the rules as there available to all!

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