Sunday, October 05, 2008

Obama elected President and what it means

- In first term, Obama appoints three (3) Supreme Court Justices who combine with LIBERALS on the bench to overturn the 2008 ruling on the Right to Bear Arms.

- The LIBERAL majority in the Supreme Court will rule that states can ban the possession of firearms without just cause, to protect the children.

- The ATF will resume harassment actions against FFL / Gun Shops.

- Dangerous looking firearms will be banned (so called assault weapons).

- Ammunition will only be allowed to be purchased by licensed firearm owners.

- Reloading supplies can only be purchased by licensed firearm owners.

- Taxes will be raised for all firearm purchases. To help with the cost of health care.

- Taxes will be raised for all ammunition purchases. To help with the cost of health care.

- The United States will sign any and all United Nations world treaties to stop the spread of small arms.

- Federal government ceases raids on illegal immigrant work places in the United States because it traumatizes families and children of illegal immigrants.

- Open borders will be proposed and Border Patrol will be directed to not interfere on illegal crossings.

- All local, state, and federal documents must also be printed in Spanish.

- Where now required, voter ID requirement laws will be overturned.

- Unions will win the fight to not allow secret balloting when organizing labor in non-union shops.

- Iran will walk all over the United States, as well as most countries in the world.

- Israel will be attacked and the United States will not take any military action in it's support. But, we will wave a stern finger at the aggressors!

- The United States will sign all world laws proposed by the United Nations, even if it means subjecting U.S. citizens to World Law, and not the rights as set forth in the Constitution of the United States.

- The United States will agree to be taxed by the United Nations with the monies collected given to so called third world countries, to include China and India.

- The United States will go overboard in regard to Global Warming and use it as an excuse to tax all products with a so called carbon tax, with portions of the money given to the United Nations.

- The U.S. military will be cut back drastically, as it will be left to the United nations to resolve world conflicts. A large standing U.S. force will no longer be needed.

- No coal power electrical generating plants will be approved.

- No nuclear power electrical generating plants will be approved.

- Oil drilling restrictions will be re-implemented, as it will take ten years to see the results.

- Percentage payments to the Social Security fund will be increased.

- The Social Security retirement age will be raised.

- Taxes will be raised to pay for Medicare.

- Bankruptcy requirements will be eased to such an extent that signature credit loans will be almost impossible to secure.

- As taxes increase, Pay Under The Table to have work done will increase.

- Cities will receive more handouts from the federal government.

- The death tax will be re-implemented, thus not allowing small family businesses to pass the family business on to their children without the estate selling off major portions of the business.

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