Sunday, October 12, 2008

Oct 12 @ L'Acadie QPTA Trap Shoot, Quebec

Club L'Acadie hosted this years National Trap Shooting Day for the Province of Quebec, Canada.

As well as the normal 100 target ATA events, a 50 target non-registered event was held for non-ATA members. A good idea...

I was not in the building for more then 60 seconds when I was told the shoot would be shot in 25 target segments.

Someone mentioned they read my blog...

I posted previously I did not enjoy ten targets per post or being forced to shoot five per post, but two boxes without a break. Just not fun!

A few had problems with the voice release, but I shot on the same fields and they worked flawlessly for me.

No problems seeing targets and very consistent.

Not one flinch...

My snap-on shell catcher for my 1100 went south. It was given me problems on Thursday, as shells were not catching, but I was testing a new brand of ammunition and I thought it might be the shells. In any case, I threw a spare shell catcher in my pocket and when the shells started to fly, a quick switch fixed the problem.

The club runs a kitchen and I had breakfast for lunch.

A day without wind.

It was 69 degrees when I departed shortly after 4pm.

The border, both coming and going, was empty of vehicles.

I used a birth certificate and drivers license to cross, but come June 1, 2009, Americans will need an enhanced drivers license or passport to re-enter the states.

I received an email saying I hit the Lewis Class...

Shoot Photos

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