Thursday, November 06, 2008

Lost Target Odds & Ends (Nov 6)

Obama ammunition tax continues to be the #1 search term that I see when I check the daily Lost Target statistics.

I had posted on the ammunition tax issue in the past and not an Obama idea. I get the impression something he would support, especially if directed toward's the sale of handgun ammunition.

At this point something more to fear from local government than the federal goverment.


Lead shot has fallen below $30, but I'm not seeing a drop in ammunition prices.

I would assume next month...


I picked up my Remington 1100 from Gander Mt.

$40 to have the Feed Latch re-staked. I tried to repair it myself, but no luck. It needed the tool Remington sells for such repairs.

The gunsmith was not in and I had to deal with a store clerk.

He was more interested in talking war stories with other customers. After waiting a bit I made it clear I wished to be waited on. At first he had attitude, but seeing I was steaming he immediately got down to business and retrived my gun.

Not my favorite store!


Did anyone notice the Lost Target did not post on McCain on the run-up to the election.

Articles and postings centered around Sarah Palin and Democrats.

I have no use for McCain or those running the Democratic party...


The Lost Target and the election...

Paranoid or cowensadence?

When Palin was selected as McCains running mate I lost a RSS feed I was using shortly after I started posting about her. I was using a free service provided by a liberal collage.

The daily SPAM I received went up ten fold. My ISP caught 99% and placed it in the appropriate folder.

I was signed up for a number of internet services that I did not order.

I received items in the mail that I did not order. A shame that none were worth keeping and all put in the garbage.

My credit card was compromised and had to be replaced.


I've taken down the majority of political postings off the main Lost Target page, but something I need to think about, as after seeing some of the postings on a number of talk boards, many gun owners have no idea or chose to ignore...

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