Friday, September 11, 2009

Estate Target Loads

Last spring I purchased a number of cases of Estate 12 gauge target loads, 1145fps.

We've shot the shells out of three 1100's over the summer. Not a problem ejecting hulls or feeding the second shell.

Except for one shell last week, not one failure to fire. The shell that did not go off sounded like it was light on powder, or no powder at all. The wad cleared the barrel.

I clean 1100's using Break Free. As long as the gun is pretty much shot dry, no excessive powder build-up noted.

Caution on using Break Free, less is good. Using to much during cleaning can leave you with a wet gun when on the range, even if wiped down after cleaning. It's almost like the stuff comes out of the pours of the metal when shooting and after the gun has warmed a bit. A quick wipe down on the range solves the problem it you start to get a powder buildup from the excessive use of Break Free, but not something I wish to be doing in the middle of a shoot. In any case, I would not use anything but Break Free to clean a 1100...

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