Friday, September 25, 2009

Remington 1100 Maintenance (Malfunctions)

I think I've had every problem that you can have with a Remington 1100.

Except for one part that I did not have the proper tool, I've replaced every part.

Somethings I've learned...

- Shoot Remington 1100's dry. I clean with Break Free, letting it soak for several hours before wiping clean. I've learned to use Break Free sparingly. Just a small amount goes a long way. Use to much and you will end up with a wet gun after it warms up after shooting a few rounds. It's almost like it's coming out of the pours of the metal.

- DO NOT USE WD-40 to clean.

- Keep the Magazine Tube clean and dry (Clean with Break Free).

- Piston and piston seal. I don't find it necessary to break apart the sets that snap together, but you do have to keep the metal that touches the Magazine Tube clean.

- Barrel Seal (O ring) should be replaced at the beginning of each shooting year. Don't purchase from a gunsmith or Remington. Visit the local hardware store. Viton O-rings, size 21 for the 12 gauge. Viton is the material you want, not a brand name. 20 gauge O-ring is #19 Viton.

- Drop the trigger four or five times a year (minimum) and clean off any carbon buildup. A few years back I could not figure out why the gun was not working properly. A cleaning of the trigger did the trick. You don't have to go overboard. Some like to soak in break cleaner.

- Clean the barrel properly. I was using a bore brush on a string, but I was using it dry. Overtime, a buildup occurred where the shell sits in the barrel when loaded.

The buildup was causing the shell to not eject smoothly. The only way I figured this one out was I had two 1100's go down around the same time and tried a bit of everything until it dawned on me what the problem was. Both 1100's started to work flawlessly after I gave the barrels a wet cleaning.

- After a few years of a gun shooting flawlessly and you start having problems feeding a second shell, it may be time to replace the Action Spring. The spring is located in the stock, assessed via the butt plate. I would at that time also replace the Magazine Spring. Both springs are inexpensive. If you have the tool for removing the bolt in the stock, an easy job. Give the interiors where the springs were installed a good cleaning. I hit the springs with a very light spray of Rim Oil.

- I've always been told to check the two small holes found on the barrel (use a thin drill bit) but I've never found any buildup, but you never know. Anyway, keep this area clean as you can get a bit of buildup.

- I don't know why, but I have less problems with a 30" barrel than a 26" when it comes to shooting light loads (under 1180 fps). I assume it has to do with pressure buildup. Never tried testing shells with a 28" barrel.

- Have a complete bolt assembly with extractor ready to go if you use the gun at registered or fun shoots. I've never broke a firing pin, but have broken a few extractors. Extractor and firing pin not already assembled is not what you want in your shoot bag if either breaks.

- I have not had a Piston & Piston Seal or a T break in years. I assume a beefed up metal or machine process in recent years. I carry them but have not had to use them.

- Use choke lube.


  1. Hi Joe,
    I have also had really good luck with Otis Special Forces Dri-Lube. The big advantage is that being a dry lube, it doesn't attract all the powder residue. I beleive this is the lube they recommend for the AR platform as well.
    Gord Earl

  2. Good recommendation.

    Most agree, shoot with a dry gun after given a good cleaning.

  3. my handle won't stay in my bolt when i shott. why?

  4. If you have a pre 1987 model you may need to replace the Operating Handle Plunger Retainer. On the older models the handle would fly off from time to time.

  5. In one of my older 1100 Magnums, the ledges in the receiver where the action rides are extremely (razor) sharp. How do you recommend dealing with these?

  6. The nature of the beast and I've been cut more then a few times when in a hurry..... When I clean that area (trigger removed) I use a cotton swab.

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