Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sporting Clays New York

The calendar for 2010 is filling in.

Sporting Clays New York

A couple of clubs will not post shoots until spring, check back frequently.

If your club shoot is not listed and/or you wish to post a shoot flier (Registered or Fun), please send an email for posting.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

NRA Level 1 Coaches Class, Feb 20 & 21

Received via email...

Hank Garvey will be conducting the Coach Education Program for Level 1 Shotgun at the Hampton Inn on February 20 & 21, 2010.

The shooting portion of the class will be conducted at Minute Man Sportsman’s Club within 3 miles of the classroom.

Complete Information and Registration:

NRA Level 1 Coaches Class Registration 

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Jan 23, 2010 @ CCC Miami Chain Shoot

We attended the ATA Chain Shoot at Club de Cazadores Cubanos.

80 plus shooters in attendance.

A first time visit to not only the club, but to Miami.

Friday saw a high of 86 degrees, on Saturday it only reached 80. Plenty of water available for shooters on the fields.

Partly overcast for most of the day with the sun peaking out from time to time.

No wind to speak of in the AM but it picked up in the PM, but not enough to cost you targets. In the afternoon the light conditions changed and I did have a bit of a problem seeing targets.

We shot 50 targets per field. 25 and 25 with a comfortable break between 25's.

We only shot the Saturday 200 target event.

I had been shooting a lot of trap practice this past fall and for the first part of the month to get ready for this shoot and it seemed to all come together as I was very comfortable on the pads.

I shot a 96 and a 97 and was in a coin toss for C class champion. I lost the toss.

Hats off to my wife Heide who shot but should have stayed at the motel and slept the day away, as she was feeling under the weather and did not get much sleep the night before. She had plenty of energy in the AM but the gas tank started to run dry in the afternoon.

Everyone working the shoot was professional and posting of scores was timely. I talked to the club president who has only been in office for one month. A very positive individual who seemed highly energized. I see good things happening at the club...

We left before the traditional roast pig was served for the evening meal, as it was a long day, as well as the heat of the day took its toll. It was time to get back to the motel.

Shoot Photos

Saturday, January 16, 2010

I hate it when a club changes shoot dates

Shoot schedules for 2010 are slowly becoming available. I see one club changed a date of a shoot from what it has been in past years. I hope it works out for them, but they probable lost my participation, as the date conflicts with another shoot I normally attend.

Many of us have certain shoots we attend. It may be on the second weekend of June or the first weekend of August. It's locked in the calendar and short of attending a funeral, we're attending. It really messes with the calender when a club changes a shoot date and the new date conflicts with a shoot we have been attending for years.

A few years back a major club changed the date of an annual shoot. It forced two other clubs that I'm aware to re-schedule shoots, as many of their regulars were going to attend the major clubs shoot. Did the major club take into consideration the other clubs? From what I know of the situation, NO! Was it considered in passing? Maybe...

Looking at the overall 2010 calender I suspect that is what happened in this case. A larger more popular shoot being re-scheduled and in-turn forcing other clubs to change there shoot schedules.

If your a club that holds what are considered major shoots, please consider carefully when you consider changing a shoot date, as what you decide impacts other clubs.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Jan 15, 2010 @ Amelia Shotgun Sports

We spent the afternoon at Amelia Shotgun Sports shooting sporting clays.

A crew was building a concrete block BBQ next to the club house when we pulled into the parking lot. I would think it will be finished in a day or two. The club has a couple of shoots each month and the BBQ will see heavy use.

A few changes since are last visit.

The 12 station course had a number of stands added. I did not ask, but I assume the stands were added to give added flexiblity to shoot management in regard to target presentations when the clubs holds it's monthly shoots. I think we have all visited a club where targets never seem to change, when such a simple thing as adding a second stand at each station would change things up a bit.

The club recently installed the Claymate target counting system.

Each squad at Amelia gets two show birds per station. A space is provided on the score pad to annotate NO TARGET birds. No shooter should have a problem with this. I also like the fact that with the Claymate you can shoot with a delay if you happen to be by yourself.

All in all a good day. Cloudy and in the high 60's, but with a slight breeze.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Jan 12, 2010 @ Flagler Gun Club

The trap side of the Flagler Gun & Archery Club was having a slow day.

Three on the pads when we arrived. We ended up shooting by ourselves as the shooters departed by the time we were ready to shoot. We might have got in one round with them, but I was talking in the club house and...

The skeet shooters had two fields going.

Only in the low 40's when we arrived, but a pleasant day. By the time we left it was 51 degrees.

I shoot at a number of clubs in the region but there is only two that get you ready for ATA shooting and the Flagler club is one of them.

An excellent background. We always have an easy time seeing the target.

In conversation I learned the club has an active 4-H program with at least 20 youngsters involved. I will be corrected if I'm mistaken, but I'm told the club provides two free rounds each Sunday, to include ammunition for 4-H shooters that shoot clay targets. The youth are also involved in the non-shotgun disciplines offered at the club.

This is a morning club in regard to skeet and trap shooting. If paying a visit you must pay attention to posted hours.

Golden Triangle Trap & Skeet Club Update

This past September I shot the “Grey Power” Fun Shoot at the Golden Triangle Trap & Skeet club in Ontario.

I liked what I saw...

The two field club is in the process of replacing it's machines and has installed a set of Bowman skeet machines on field 1.

The second field is scheduled to have it's machines upgraded sometime this summer, hopefully in time for the Canadian Senior Open Skeet Championship's being held August 20-22, 2010.

A big undertaken for the club, as except for the dry run for such a shoot this past September, the club has only aimed it's sights on local shooters.

The format for the shoot is still up in the air, but the previously non-NSSA club has joined the NSSA. As it being a seniors shoot, you will have to be 55 or older to participate.

We may see the "Event 6" format used or it will be a traditional NSSA shoot.

Pros and cons for each and may not be the only options considered.

In any case they have the full support of the Ontario Skeet Association.

It will be interesting to see the shoot flyer when it's published...

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Jan 6, 2010 @ Volusia County Gun Club

We spent the morning shooting trap at the Volusia County Skeet and Trap Club.

40 degrees and a little windy when we arrived. Cool, but not uncomfortable so. My winter shooting jacket was all I needed. No need for a sweater or heavy shirt.

As shown in the photo, something your more likely to see at a small club in the north, not in Florida, a burn barrel on the field for a little warmth between rounds.

That is sand, not snow you see in the photo.

The wind was coming off my left shoulder. The birds stayed pretty flat, with one taking a dive every now and then.

I did not look to see what target they were throwing, but I presume White Flyer Bio's because of the white powder breaks.

The machine we shot off was working well. No birds came out broken.

As seen at most clubs, a voice release was used. We did have someone keeping score.

We shot 1oz 1200fps Fiocchi shells. I picked them up for sporting clays, but had not had a chance to try them out in an 1100. Neither one of us had a failure to cycle.

One shooter was shooting Kents. Several times throughout the day he had weak sounding shells.

When we were finishing up a new shooter arrived, a first time visitor to the club. He was greeted with open arms. He was familiar with his shotgun, but had never shot skeet or trap. One club member did a one on one training session with him on the trap field. Walking him from station to station. I'm sure he'll be back...

It was 50 degrees when we departed.

The club is maybe 15 minutes from the the Daytona Beach Speedway and no more than 10 minutes from the Daytona Beach Flea Market.

The club use to have a beautiful sign at the entrance along the highway, but was forced to remove it. A sign is posted. You start out on a paved road, but the last 1/2 mile or so is unpaved.

Two skeet fields and two trap fields. The club has a $7 non-member rate, $5 member rate. Membership is $25, $35 family. A eleven round punch card - $50.00 is available for members only.

The club was delayed on it's building plans in 2009, as they had issues with the county to be settled, but all is looking well and it looks like a 5-stand will be built.

Monday, January 04, 2010

What does your club charge per round of skeet/trap?

I see red when I see such a posting, as asking what other clubs charge is comparing apples and oranges. I almost never think the poster has the financial well being of the club in mind.

A club can charge $3 a round and be rolling in money and another club can be charging $4 a round and just be holding it's head above water.

Fees not keeping up with expenses at the $4 club?

The treasury report holds the answer, not a question asked on a talk board!

Clubs have fixed cost that must be paid, even if a clay target is not thrown; County taxes, school taxes, insurance, directors insurance (optional), snow removal, mowing/edging, utilities, target machine maintenance, mower/snow blower maintenance, club mailings, building repairs, and ...

One club may pay $3000 in taxes each year and another $6000!

The club may have a volunteer that does the mowing, but it still has the expense of gasoline and mower maintenance. Where does the money come from when the mower needs to be replaced?

The cost to purchase clay targets must be addressed. Is the club buying a full tractor trailer load or less. If less, the cost per case is normally higher. In any case, the club must have the money for the purchase of targets set aside.

Does the club pay anyone for services, outside of shooting events where such cost should be factored in?

You have these cost and income from what? In most cases membership fees and income from throwing targets and little else. Some clubs hold an annual raffle and others make money from running a kitchen. I've seen wild game dinners generate money in the thousands.

What is the purpose of club membership fees? To pay taxes and/or to maintain non-clay target shooting activities such as a rifle range? What does it cost to maintain the rifle or archery range? Questions that must be addressed each year, as if not adjusted accordingly the cost must be passed on to the clay target shooting disciplines who in turn must raise the cost per round.

I see older established clubs trying to hold on to around a $30 a year membership fees, but not uncommon in my travels to see memberships at $75 if not higher. From what I see, charge the $50 or higher membership fee, as most can afford it and those that complain the most about cost rarely volunteer there services, placing the burden on running the club on a handful of volunteers. He will also be the person that objects when the volunteers wish to hire someone to perform a task!

Another side of membership fees is the cost to non-clay targets shooters and what they get for there membership fee. In most cases they get the use of rifle/archery range 365 days a year. The club receives no additional income from these users. One club I'm aware has added a optional $10 annual range user fee. The $10 entitles the member the combination to the range gate and pays for the upkeep of the range to include targets, dumpster and a portable toilette. If you don't pay the $10, member or not, you cannot use the rifle range. This may not be feasible at your club but it does force non-clay targets shooters to pay there fair share if raising dues is not an option. Of course, you can always raise the cost of clay target shooting!

Is the club holding events and eating the cost, as monies paid in is not meeting expenses? I've seen some hold events and not charge enough to pay for prizes and the club receives little in return. Outside of youth events all should turn a profit for the club.

Does the club have 25 active shooters or 125? The difference in purchasing one trailer of targets each year, or two, or three and the profit generated.

After purchasing a load of targets does the club have a like amount of money sitting in the bank, if not more, to include next years taxes? It must, as every club needs an emergency contingency fund! The club is a business and must make sure it's properly funded for any and all emergencies.

Is the club planning on expansion or machine replacement?

What does your club charge per round of skeet/trap?

Not a simple question...