Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Feb 24, 2010 @ Palatka

We visited the Palatka Skeet Club. We had last shot at the club in March.

I don't think I've ever visited the club to not find they had made improvements from the previous year.

The club changed out some of the high house ladders since are last visit. It looks like an ongoing project.

Most of the houses ladders are located as shown here. This ladder had been re-designed and rebuilt.

The ladder for this building use to be inside the house. A pain to climb! Note the new door...

We shot with Vermont shooter Ted Meunier and another shooter from New Jersey who name escapes me.

An interesting first round, as we had not shot skeet since November. As I knew we were shooting trap in Miami In late January and three trap shoots there after, practice had been centered around trap shooting, not skeet.

Also, today was the first time I had shot my tubed O/U since April 2009.

My leads were way to big and of course the timing was off.

However, we both managed a 25x25 in the second round.

The club no longer throws Champion targets. It now throws Lawry targets. From my experience, a good move. I had thought such a change was in the works from what I had heard last year, but until it happens...

If in Florida and a skeet shooter, you should check out the club. Besides the 4-Gun shoots they hold, they usually have a number of 1 day shoots you can attend.

Practice rounds are reasonable priced for non-members...

Target counting systems, a necessity?

Is every shooter at your club paying for all rounds shot? If you think so, I suggest you spend a month monitoring cases of targets moved to machines, rounds shot, and monies received. If you think all targets not paid for is from breakage...

With clubs trying to keep the cost of shooting reasonable, it may be time to install a target counting system. Such a system not only keeps shooters honest, it also forces clubs to make sure it's machines are working properly, as shooters who pay for 25 targets (using a token, card, or key), expect to shoot at 25 targets.

It's been a number of years that target counting systems like those listed below have been in use at various clubs. Not one club that I'm aware has ever said such systems did not end up paying for itself.

Shooters no longer shooting 6 rounds and paying for 4. Or, going out on the sporting clays course and shooting at 125 targets and paying for 100.

I just had a conversation with someone who runs a club that installed a target counter system. A regular group that shot at the club moved to another club in the region shortly after the system was installed. Do you think they moved to a new club without a target counting system just because they were ready for a change?

A neat calculator:


Target Counting Systems:

Pay and Play Card System2

Long Range LLC TARGETKey system

Briley (Mattarelli) Coin Box


You will find shooters trying to cheat any system you install. I assume they were also the ones stealing from the club when the club did not have a target counting system installed. Do you need them as members of your club?



We visited WW Sporting (Jacksonville) on 26 Feb and found they installed a target counting system since are last visit.

They are extremely pleased with the results...

Monday, February 22, 2010

Florida 4H State Warm Up @ Flagler

Flagler Gun & Archery Club, Bunnell, Florida

I took video and photos of the trap & skeet portion of the 4H shoot at the Flagler club. Rifle and archery was also shot.

The shoot was a warm up for this years Florida state shoot,

All clay target shooters were required to shoot 50 trap and 50 skeet. Not all had ever shot both disciplines.

A wind had the birds raising on the trap fields. A tough target for the newer shooters.

The club had plenty of volunteers on hand and of course plenty of food.

Except for the slight wind a beautiful day for shooting.

Shoot Photos

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Feb 20, 2010 @ the Gator Chain Shoot

Gator Skeet & Trap Club, Gainesville, Florida.

As with the previous shoot we attended, the club started the shoot at 10am instead of the 9am time stated on the shoot program.

I was told they wanted to let the sun get higher in the sky. I did not have a problem with this, but if planning on attending a shoot at Jacksonville or Gator you may want to call the day before you plan on attending to confirm the start time, especially if your driving some distance to attend the shoot.

The temperature was perfect, in the low 70's.

Targets were checked with radar prior to the shoot and at various times throughout the day.

We shot 25 per field.

A great squad leader. Three times he requested that targets be checked for height. Each time targets were raised. Not the clubs problem on target setting, as a slight wind kicked up after targets had been set.

I ran into a shooter who said he enjoyed the Lost Target website and recommended the site to all his friends, telling them the website was the equivalent of the "DRUDGE REPORT".

Shoot Photos

Thursday, February 18, 2010

National Parks gun ban set to expire

A new rule in effect Monday will end nearly a century-old ban on firearms in America's national parks and wildlife refuges. Visitors can bring concealed, loaded guns with them on vacation if they are legal under the laws of the state they are in.


The anti-gun crowd and those who think making areas gun free zones are up in ARMS...

If they think guns were not carried, their living in a make believe world!

Slap my hand, as I'm guilty of carrying a gun in a national park.

We spent some time in the west some years back. Carrying a gun when hiking in national parks was the smart thing to do, lawful or not.

Not unusual to hike the day and not see a sole.

If you did run into someone who was aiming to cause problems, you did not have people in the area that you could ask for help, nor did you have the option of calling 911.

The bottom line is the good guys must have the means to keep themselves and their families safe.

By the way, how come the crime rates for national parks is never mentioned in any articles pertaining to the carry of firearms?

ABC 20/20

Are National Parks Becoming Crime Havens?

Saskatoon Bunker (update)

The Saskatoon club (Canada) a few years back was forced to relocate to a new property.

The construction of the bunker ran into a few delays. They were also looking to purchase additional machines.

All seems well as I just received this email...


I will let you know when we throw the first target but we should be ready to shoot come mid May at the latest.

We had a wall fail when we back filled the bunker construction and had to dig it up and repair and reinforce the wall. With a couple of big rains we were under water and couldn't move in the open dirt and clay for several weeks.

Happy to report that we have the dirt all back in and proper drainage and landscaping done now. Hook up the machines and pour the shooting pad and we are ready.

We purchased the Rossinni setup from the Las Vegas club when it closed. I retrieved ten machines and whole systems in November. As soon as the snow is gone and we can get in there, we will be installing them.

Also the Saskatoon Gun Club has a web site now and we will post shoot dates and updates there.

Keep up the good work Joe.

Lloyd Litwin


For those interested in bunker, I maintain a page of bunker trap locations in the USA and Canada.

US & Canadian Olympic Bunker

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Feb 13, 2010 @ the Jacksonville Chain Shoot

Jacksonville, Florida ATA Chain shoot, Saturday.

A cold start to the day. I wore a winter shooting jacket and long john top in the AM.

At the end of the first 100, the temperature was 38 degrees.

An overcast morning with the sun finally making an appearance in the afternoon.

A slight wind had targets bouncing around. With the wind at my back for the most part in the AM, targets were flat. The wind did shift for a little while in the AM, hitting my left shoulder. That seemed to give some lift to the targets

Throughout the day I had a time of it on certain pads seeing the target when it stayed flat and flew to the left. Was thankful when the sun finally popped.

I had a bit of problem with voice release in the PM on two fields. I can honestly say I never have a problem with voice release. I ended up changing my call as I thought that might be it, but I still had a problem from time to time. My wife did not have a problem, so I don't know what to think. Cost me targets, as I was thinking voice release instead of kill the target...

51 was the temperature after the second 100.

Each 100 was shot on three fields: 25, 50 and 25. The 50 was a 25 and 25 with a small break in between rounds.

I always ask at shoots when I see 50 at a station if the 50 is ten per station or do I have to bring 50 shells to the pads an shoot 50 targets without a break. Everyone always looks at me like I'm crazy. I gather this type of shooting is not popular among the shooting population. Not with me either, but some clubs still persist with that type of program and you have to ask...

Scores were posted in a timely manner.

Plenty of workers about and the kitchen served a pretty good lunch.

If you shoot all days of the chain at the club you receive free RV parking.

The club threw White Flyer targets for the shoot. The club normally throws Lawry targets, but for this shoot switched targets. I only knew they were White Flyer after I saw a trapper leaving a trap house with White Flyer boxes. I shoot plenty of Lawry targets in the north and most shooters cannot tell the difference.

The club is hosting a skeet shoot in a few weeks. It usually has a pretty good turnout.

Shoot Photos

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Odds & Ends, Feb 11, 2010

Remington 1100 Extractor.

The extractor I ordered arrived. An easy install. Hopefully not needed, but a spare (completely assembled spare bolt) is a necessity when attending shoots.

Quebec Skeet Championships.

It did not take long for someone to complain on the change in shoot dates. The new date conflicts with another shoot.

The Valleyfield club was forced to change it's posted date because of the change in the New York State Championships date from September to August. The NY shoot is a major shoot, even for those who don't live in New York. As I said, when you throw a rock in the water it makes waves.

Jacksonville Gun Club.

We ran up to Jacksonville to shoot trap practice and also to pre-register for the weekend.

We had major problems with the voice release on the practice field last year, as it was overly sensitive. Releasing the bolt on your 1100 would set off the release. Not this year. We shot six rounds and not one problem.

Speaking of Jacksonville. Very rare to experience a target coming off the arm broken for trap or skeet. This is a must as they use a coin operated system. You purchase coins at the desk.

If just dropping in I do have to warn everyone, $9 and some odd cents to shoot practice if not a member.

Robinson Ranch.

I ran into a shooter asking when I was going to shoot at Robinson Ranch, as I had promised to shoot the chain. We do plan on visiting at some point, but as we thought we were going to be busy this year during the clubs chain shoot week we shot at CCC Miami instead and put off a visit to Robinson Ranch.

On the schedule, but not until next year or the next...

Kingston Skeet & Trap Club (Ontario).

I don't believe I know the person running the sporting clays operation at the club, but I'm impressed on the great lengths he has gone to promote the April Ducks Unlimited Shoot.

Vermont Clay Target Shooting.

Except for one clubs skeet shoots and several fun shoots at various clubs, the calendar is pretty much set.

Thanks to all who sent in shoot dates for posting!

Flagler Gun Club.

The club is hosting a 4H Florida state youth warm-up shoot on 21 February. I'm planning on stopping by with camera in hand. Should make for an interesting day...

Another club changes a shoot date.

In past years those who shoot registered could fill out the calender for the year without seeing posted shoot dates, as clubs did not change established shoot dates.

I could tell you what I was doing on the second weekend of June or the third weekend in July. As clubs shoot dates were set in stone, especially for the bigger shoots.

No longer the case...

Just this past January I commented on clubs changing shoot dates. A major sporting clays club changed a weekend shoot date to another weekend. Thus causing smaller clubs to tap dance.

I was just notified today that the Quebec Skeet Championships is changing it's shoot date, as Rochester Brooks moved the date of the New York Skeet Championships.

Facing reality, the Quebec club had no choice, as many of the shooters it draws each year attend the New York State Championships. Not only from Quebec, but also from Ontario and New York.

I'm sure Rochester Brooks has it's reasons, but thowing a rock in the water does make waves...

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Remington 1100 Extractor

At the last shoot I had an extractor break on my Remington 1100. I carry a spare bolt with extractor installed, so not a problem.

At home with with tools on hand I attempted to remove the broken extractor. No luck...

I ended up visiting Gander Mt. and have them remove it. The first few attempts were not successful. They asked that I come back in 20 minutes as it looked like it was going to take a while.

Success, the extractor was removed. I was told the area where the spring sits had some debris in it and the spring would not completely depress when attempting to remove the broken extractor.

Unfortunately, they did not have any extractors in stock.

I carry a spare extractor in my parts bag, but when I attempted to install it I found it was an extractor for a 11-87. Oops...

A quick check on the Internet and a extractor was purchased. I should be seeing it on Thursday or Friday.

No reason to think that I will brake another extractor, but...

We're shooting the Jacksonville chain this weekend. I had shot at the club in the past but never when they were hosting the chain. A small group of registered trap shooters at the club, but some of the nicest people you will ever meet.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Feb 6, 2010 @ the Flagler Chain Shoot

Chain shoot Saturday at the Flagler Gun & Archery Club.

Did I mention it was a windy day...

The wind was not as bad in the PM as in the AM, but you still had times when as you were pulling the trigger the target would either dive or take a bounce.

A great background...

We shot 50 targets per field, 25 and 25. As with CCC Miami, you had time to take a sip of water between rounds.

I had an extractor break on my Remington 1100. I carry a spare bolt with extractor installed in my shoot bag and after a minute or two I was back on the line.

Jacksonville shooters were in attendance (the club is the next scheduled on the chain shoot calendar). I also met the webmaster from CCC Miami. A few snowbirds received constant updates on the snowfall from friends and relatives, as a major snow storm was working it's way up the coast.

Plenty of volunteers on hand!

A number of 4H shooters were helping out at the shoot. One young lady that we had met previously scored for us. The club, a major supporter of 4H, is hosting a major Florida 4H shoot for various disciplines on February 21st.

Scores down from my last outing, but won my class and a "Jim White Collection" belt buckle.

The desk was run by Larry & Joann Grenevicki. Scores were updated immediately. They had a monitor running that displayed scores as they were posted. Larry & Joann run a number of shoots each year in New Jersey and also shoots at the New York home grounds in Cicero. New this year is they are posting scores too at the end of each day of shooting (providing they have Internet access).

The Saturday meal was BBQ ribs and chicken.

Tentative but in the talking stages, the club has plans for two major projects that I'm aware. The construction of a club house and a plan to install a drainage system to remove standing water from the trap and possible the skeet fields during and after a rain. Both projects are sorely needed.

Shoot Photos

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Feb 3, 2010 @ Bradford Sportsmen's Farm

A relaxing day at Bradford Sportsmen's Farm (Graham, Fl).

When we arrived we saw the elevated five stand had a nice crowd. We took a walk over and everyone seemed to be in good humor.

We shot the 14 station east course in the AM and after a quick run to the local McDonald's for lunch, shot the 14 station west course in the PM.

I told the lady running the desk of are plans on leaving the club between 100's. I asked if she wanted us to pay for the AM shooting before leaving for lunch and said no, pay at the end of the day. I was surprised with the answer, but it reinforced my positive impression that I had of the club.

I should remember her name but I'm drawing a blank. I observed her in several conversations with various shooters. She is a lady that seems to get along with everyone and knows her business, but someone you would not want to mess with. Clearly an asset to the club...

A number of snow birds visiting the club. Talked to shooters from Ontario, New York and New Hampshire. We did not run into anyone with an attitude!

The club seems to be always in transition, always making improvements. This time I see they are putting in new bathroom faculties. The pad was poured. Looks like five or six stalls to be built. May not seem glamorous, but I'm sure the lady shooters will appreciate.

The club has hosted two state shoots and will host the 2010 Zone.

Member rate per 100 targets is $30 and non-member rate is $40. Credit cards accepted.

In late March the club will have a member appreciation day. All non-members will be allowed to shoot at the member rate. If in the region, a good time to check out the club.