Monday, August 15, 2011

Aug 14, 2011 @ Vermont Sporting Clays Championship

Northeast Kingdom Skeet & Sporting Clays, Burke Hollow, Vermont.

That's me in the video. On an elevated stand.

Close in targets. Put in IC chokes and never changed them. I only had one station where I had difficulty seeing the target. Was looking down into trees with a cloudy sky showing behind the trees (the course is built on the side of a mountain). Kept losing the first target, not a problem with the second.

One flinch at the end of the shoot, ouch... Ended up with a 86!

The Five Stand was only available for those who wished to shoot the subgauge events.

The club put on a nice lunch...

The club is working to install a wobble trap machine.

Speaking of the flinch. The last several weeks I have been pausing just before calling for a target. Focusing beyond the barrel. Only two flinches in that period (skeet, trap, & Sporting). Prior to this, I would have two or three, if not more per 100 target event.


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