Saturday, August 27, 2011

Aug 27 @ NCSC (Vt) Fun Shoot

The wife and I shot the North Country Sportsman's Club Summer Fun Shoot.

16 yard and 24-yard handicap trap was one event, two-man team trap doubles was the second, and two-man team 5-stand was the third event offered.

Beautiful weather, but it did start to cloud up in the PM. The region is expecting a big storm on Sunday.

As you see at many clubs, a small number of dedicated members ran the shoot. Hats off to them and thanks for holding the shoot!

Thanks to the lady who came out an ran the kitchen...

My wife had not visited the club for a number of years. She last attended a shoot at the club when they held registered skeet shoots. The skeet fields are long gone, as the club had shot fall problems in conjunction with skeet shooting that could not be addressed.

The club is located south of Burlington in Williston, Vermont, just off the Taft Corners exit. Maybe two minutes from the interstate. From the NY/Vermont ferry crossing, a 30 minute drive.


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