Monday, December 05, 2011

Enclosed 5-Stand @ LAcaide

I attended the L'Acadie "turkey fun shoot" this past Sunday and took a few photos of the enclosed 5-stand.

Rear view. Under the right weather conditions the shooting stations on the roof are also used. Not shown, stairs to the roof on the right side.

Five shooting stations.

Note the heater for the trapper.

View from the roof.

In the next few weeks the club plans on installing a container on a trap field. The pads to support the weight of the container have been poured. The container will be postitioned to allow for 16-yard trap shooting.

The club is southeast of Montreal and also offers International Skeet and Bunker Trap and will host the 2012 Quebec Trap Championships.

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  1. Visibility of targets wasn't 100% when shooting from within the container. Fun factor was definitely 110% though, my group had a total blast shooting the 5- stand at the Turkey shoot. 13 fully functioning machines (A - M) with different menu at each window. We will return to shoot from the roof top, no better way to use up a case or two of shells. Le Frigoman.