Tuesday, December 06, 2011

NobelSport Target Shell Purchase

A club I shoot at is purchasing targets and offered club members the opportuinty to purchase reloading supplies from Gamaliel Shooting Supply. The reloading supplies would be delivered on the same truck as the targets.

I saw that NobelSport shells were going for $51 a case and asked if ammunition could also be purchased?

Not a problem...

Using them for registered trap. 1 1/8 oz.

Have shot NobelSport in the past, but I won them at a shoot and never purchased any, as the best deal in the past few years has been with RIO shells.

Will be attending three trap shoots in a very short time span. It will be interesting to track scores to see if any difference from the scores I normally shoot.


Update: Received my bill for the purchase. Shells came in at $49 a case.

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