Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bad luck in three's

A rough week...

Broke the right side stem on my shooting glasses. Made a quick repair using electrical tape Decot put me in contact with a local Decot dealer. I went with a new frame instead of a repair as the frames had seen three different prescription changes through the years.

Lost the back (battery cover) off my cell phone at the gun club. Found a replacement on Ebay. $6 to include shipping. I assume that as I found a replacement the lost cover will be found at the club.

Driver side sliding door wouldn't electronically lock/unlock. You don't realize how dependent you get on hitting a button on your key until it doesn’t work. Dealer had to replace a part in the door : (

On the plus side. I received a small settlement check from a class action lawsuit.

Several years back I attended a skeet shoot at the Kingston club in Kingston, Ontairo. I used my credit card at the motel and restaurant. When I received my monthly statement the service fee for using the card in Canada was way out of line, much higher then fees I had seen in the past. The fee was so high I have not used my credit card in Canada from that time.

It seems the credit card company increased exchange rate and service charge fees without giving adequate notice, thus a class action lawsuit that I was not aware.

Total surprise to receive a check that was higher then fees charged!


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