Thursday, January 12, 2012

Eye Protection a must, Gun barrel explodes

Three people were injured and taken to hospital in a shooting accident at the Nanaimo Fish and Game Protective Association Wednesday afternoon.

One barrel of a 12-gauge, double-barrel shotgun blew up as a man was shooting.

Chunks of the gun hit two men standing to the right of his cousin, who was shooting clay pigeons at the time of the accident.

One of those men was walking around after the incident with a bandage wrapped around his head, but was also taken to hospital.

RCMP confirmed all three had head lacerations. The shooter also has burns to his wrist, a facial facial laceration and hearing loss.

Nanaimo RCMP said all three are club members who were skeet shooting.

More than 100 rounds were fired prior to the incident.

* Another reports says they were shooting trap.



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