Monday, January 16, 2012

Gamaliel vs Graf & Sons

Gamaliel Shooting Supply is doing a promotion.

"Save big on powder and primers! Pay only the UPS Haz-Mat Fee, with no freight charges or handling fees!"

I did a cost comparison between Gamaliel and Graf & Sons.


700X $119.95

$27.50 UPS Haz-Mat Fee

Total $147.45


Graf & Sons

700X $123.99

Handling & Insurance: $4.95

Hazardous Materials Fee: $27.50

Total: $156.44

It pays to check both sites as sometimes it goes the other way. I can usually find wads at cheaper prices elsewhere.

As always, it's better to place an order with your club if it makes component purchases for members.

* From time to time Graf waives the Hazardous Fee if ordering X amount of powder. I think it's 32 pounds. Last fall they did this. You can usually add primers to that type off order.


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  1. You forgot to add the $4.95 handling fee for internet orders and $6.95 for phone orders Graf tacks on (read the fine print). Recob's does better on most orders and no hidden fees.
    New York

  2. You missed it... Graf Handling & Insurance: $4.95

    As for Recob's

    700X $110.39

    $27.50 UPS Haz-Mat Fee

    $15.53 Shipping

    Total: $153.42