Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Two thumbs up, Gold NobelSport shells!

I purchased Trap Gold NobelSport Number 8, 1.8 oz. shells at $48 a case back in early December and we just recently had a chance to shoot them.

Shooting 1100s we shot five rounds each before cleaning.

Didn't put them to paper but liked the hits I was getting at 16-yard trap, my primary reason for the purchase.

Soft shooting, no shell feeding problems, and no failures to fire.

After breaking down the gun it looks like I could of easily gone 8-10 boxes before cleaning, as no buildup to speak of. One of the easiest cleanings I've done in some time. I wiped them down and finished the cleaning with Breakfree. I usually clean between 100s at a shoot, but think I will pass at the next shoot and see what happens.


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