Thursday, February 16, 2012

Canada Scraps Long gun Firearms Registry, Questions!

Canada's House of Commons passed third reading of legislation which would abolish the Canadian Firearms Registry. The bill now goes to Canada's Senate for passage before being signed into law by the Governor General.

The Canadian Firearms Registry came into being by the Liberal government of Jean Chretien back in 1995. It has long been plagued by cost overruns and there is little evidence to suggest it actually reduces gun crime. The Conservative government of Stephen Harper has wanted to abolish the agency since coming to office in 2006. However, the Tories were in a minority government situation and the opposition parties wouldn't have it. But after the Tories won their elusive majority in the House of Commons last May, it was only a matter of time before the registry was going to be scrapped.


When the firearm law is Implemented, a few questions you may want to ask?


Will Canadians who travel to the U.S. have to stop at Canadian customs prior to leaving Canada and record what guns they are departing Canada with?

Will they have to have each guns serial number checked by Canadian customs when returning?

* U.S. shooters have a one time requirement to stop at U.S. Customs and have firearms recorded (unless they have original bill of sale). They show this completed and signed form to U.S. customs when re-entering the US. The form can be used over and over.


If Quebec requires long gun registration. What will the procedure for those visiting from the rest of Canada? A visit to police headquarters within 24 hours or 48 hours to register? If so, what will be the cost to the firearm owner or will it be free?


Will U.S. shooters entering Canada still require a 60 day permit and pay $25, or will the permit be a 12 month permit, free of charge?


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