Wednesday, February 08, 2012

I turn down targets I don't like!

ATA Trap


The referee/scorer shall rule, “LOST”:

2. When a whole target appears promptly after a contestant’s
recognizable command and is within the legal limits of flight and the
contestant voluntarily does not fire.
A contestant shall be allowed two (2) failures to fire in Singles and Handicap events, for any reason other than stated in Paragraph
C.,2. above, during each sub-event regardless of the length of the

I was shooting registered trap with an older gentlemen who shot a Remington 1100.

He had what I thought was an unusually high number of gun malfunctions throughout the day. He call for the target, not fire, lower the gun and push on the operating handle before remounting. Usually hitting the 2nd target. On the last round, same routine I think he shot a 25.

Not keeping count, but I think he had more than two failure to fires in more than a few rounds. I suspect the ref was being generous!

Talking to him, I said was your bolt binding and not closing all the way.

No. I turn down targets I don't like!


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