Monday, February 13, 2012

Shoot attendance is down. What can be done?

The big NSSA and ATA shoots still see nice attendance figures, but numbers down at many smaller shoots. Has been for some time!

Easy to blame the economy. I think it was dropping before the last market crash and the economy is just an easy excuse for many clubs.

This is suppose to be fun (Sometimes its not)...

Let me ramble a bit!

We put up with a lot at times, many won't, especially the new guys thinking of shooting registered and taking a first look or those just tired of problems experienced and we lose them.

At some clubs it seems they are just going through the motions. Maybe time to cut back on the number of shoots, as the clubs help nor shoot management seem to be enjoying themselves. I feel it at some shoots and drop the shoot down to the bottom of the list when considering next years calendar.

Do you often hear the word click? Who makes up the click at your club? Does it seem they are not very inviting? How does the so called click act during shoots?

NSSA/ATA members not inviting new shooters to attend a shoot. Yes, sometimes just asking may get you a new registered shooter or two!

A lot of down time at shoots. If its suppose to start at 9 start at 9. Shoot management must make sure the next squad and ref is set to go. I don't need to sit around for an extra hour or so because of squad issues or the club does not have its act together.

In ATA shooting, 10 per post, not fun at all. Or, forcing shooters to take 50 shells to the field and not allowing even for a one minute break between 25s. Cut the number of shooters instead of overbooking. Been on more then a few waiting list for NSSA and NSCA! Shooters go back to the home club and tell stories. Is that you want them to hear, they had to shoot 10 per post because the club got greedy and overbooked the shoot?

At an ATA shoot, schedule handicap before doubles. Have no reason to stay around to shoot handicap if forced to wait on the doubles shooters. Yes, reasons for shooting doubles first at some shoots, but many shooters are not going to wait around (down time) or not even attend.

Over an over through the years I experience machine problems at the fields that are never used, except for when the club is having shoots. Either rotate the machines to the favorite fields or don't open the favorite fields (near the clubhouse) at least once a month and force the use of the unused fields, so problems can surface before a shoot.

Sell ammo to shooters at cost. Buy Rio or NobelSport or what have you and make them available at shoots. No reason not to have 12 & 20 gauge ammo at $5 a box. Clubs don't pay what you do for shells when they purchase in bulk!

Don't sell a $1.00 hot dog for $3. No pre-cooked hamburgers, re-warmed and served.

Maintain clean facilities (Bathrooms).

Mow the lawns prior to a shoot.

If you don't have a radar gun at the club, get one!

Keep the voice release in good repair (ATA).

Allow non-registered shooters to shoot with registered members (at all shoots). Pay the same target and fees to shoot as the registered member. Same as the NSCA. Can't win any money. Their shooting targets only. Can have a special category of money (prizes). No harm done and you may pick up a few new members. Members need to force the NSSA/ATA to make this change!

Who is representing the club at shoots? Does any club officers go around and thank shooters for attending? Asked if they had any problems?

Keep cost down. Prizes is a big expense at any shoot.

- Many clubs have stopped looking for shoot sponsors or have never looked. Once a year someone should hit up the local businesses. I've won a free carwash, wrenches, flashlights, free meals at restaurants. Some companies have a budget for such things, but they may need up to six month lead time to budget as your not the only one asking. Who is asking at your club?

- Check with the local beer or soda distributer. In the past I know my club (skeet shoots) had to give a years notice to the local beer distributer, as you had to put in for budgetted money! The club got a catolog and you submitted a wish list.

Everyone should they have a chance to win something. What the club can offer.

- Participation drawings. Ammunition giveaway by random draw (you name the amount). I've won 2 boxes and even a case from time to time from random draw. Rounds of shooting, 1000 primers, bag of wads, club membership, pay next years NSSA/ATA membership.


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  1. Good thoughts! At our club we've instituted a golf-style handicap system that allows the D-class shooter to compete with and even beat the 'AA' shooter. It's not perfect but our competitions were being won by the same people all the time and the non-winners were just not coming back. -J.F. Wolfington, Phila., PA