Friday, February 10, 2012

Visiting the U.S. with a firearm (ATF Form 6NIA), Update

Nonimmigrant aliens are required to have an approved ATF Form 6NIA for entry into the states with firearms and/or ammunition.

Firearms and ammunition listed on the permit may be repeatedly brought into the states for twelve months from the date the permit is approved.

ATF Form 6NIA (Revised August 2011)

NEW: Block 5 requires your Email address.

ATF Form 6NIA may be returned to you by the "Firearms and Explosives Imports Branch" via Email, as an attached PDF File.

Print out the PDF file and use the same as if you received a FAXED copy.


In the past, the Imports Branch had two options. Mail the form or have the approved form returned via FAX. In some cases, the FAX was not received by the shooter and the Imports Branch had to be contacted for a re-send. The shooter never knew of the failure until a call to the Imports Branch was placed asking on the status of the form.

Returning via email by the Imports Branch should assure an almost bullet proof system.

* Imports Branch still has the option to return the form via the mail or by FAX.

ATF Form 6NIA Guidance and Procedures.

* UPDATE: If you go to the guidance page a form you can type on from your computer keyboard is available. The update to the form was done inhouse, not by the ATF. If you see something that needs to be fixed, let me know.


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  1. Can you create a type in version as you did previously? Many thanks.

  2. Just what I need is another project : )

    Let me take a look and see if it's pratical. May be a few days!

  3. Here you go. If any problems let me know and I will see if I can fix.

  4. You Sir, are a STAR.

  5. A few changes to the form in the last 24 hours to fix a few problems in the ammunition section.