Monday, March 05, 2012

Florida Sporting Clays Challenge @ Bradford

Bradford Sportsmen's Farm, Graham, Florida.

Florida Challenge (Sporting Clays). A shoot offering four days of clays to include FITASC.

They got lucky with the weather rain wise, as heavy rains Saturday night. Clearing skies, winds picking up on Sunday, but cool, only hitting 60 degrees. Not to bad as the sun came out later in the AM and helped warm things up. I started the day wearing rain paints over my shorts to keep warm. By 10am I took them off. On saturday it was in the high 80s.

Plenty of parking. Two special parking lots for oversized vehicles and trailers set up near the club entrance.

A number of collage kids were brought in to ref. I talked to one and she was working her third shoot. All seemed very knowledgeable. I don't know if all were collage kids, but more than a handful were.

I talked to one ref and he was also a certified FITASC ref. On one station a shooter was trying to buy a target (my words), claiming he saw a piece on a lost call. No one on the squad or bystanders (me) saw one. He really pressured the ref to change the call, but the ref stood his ground. The members at the squad at one point looked embarrassed and started to look away. A couple of shooters went over to the ref when they were departing and told him, good job!

The main event consisted of two 14 station courses. A little something for everyone!


Strong winds on Sunday from time to time. Targets on some stations were doing a dance not envisioned by the target setter.

Two special 5-stand layouts placed on an empty field. Worked really well. Would like to see other clubs try to do something like that instead of using the clubs permanent 5-stand. The club has two permanent 5-stands and one was used for practice.

Scores posted pretty fast. Not much waiting around to see updates.

Ample food for lunch and at the end of the day on Sunday a free buffet for those who were waiting for the awards ceromony.


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