Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mar 10, 2012 @ WW Sporting Clays

The weather forecast kept changing throughout the week for the Jacksonville area, but we ended up with a day without rain and in the high 60s.

Targets had some speed on them. A shooter from Michigan mentioned he changed chokes on numerous occasions.


As what seems the norm at sporting clays shoots, a number of "golf" carts on the course, but it can be easily walked.

The shoot ran smoothly and I never had a machine or "no bird" problem.

A long bird shoot off took place for HOA (85x100) and one other class on the 5-stand.

Lunch was included in the cost of the shoot. $65, to include NSCA fees.

Smoked ham was the main dish. I was talking to the caterer and he said the pig was grown, butchered, and smoked on the same ranch.

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