Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Woman claims she lost hearing at League City shooting range

Interesting lawsuit.

Muffs alone may not be enough protection for everyone, as glasses and hair style may interfer with muff fit. My wife shoots with both plugs and muffs.

Have no idea on what the outcome will be, but a supply of various size earplugs should be a must at all ranges.


Woman claims she lost hearing at League City shooting range

GALVESTON - Claiming she lost her hearing after a trip to a League City shooting range last year, Hitchcock resident Mary Buchan is pursuing legal action.

Buchan's lawsuit against The Arms Room LLC asserts the weapons retailer failed to assure the plaintiff sufficient hearing protection during her visit on July 21, 2011.

The lawsuit was filed March 19 in Galveston County District Court.

The suit shows Bachan and an acquaintance went to the defendant's premises so that the friend, an elderly woman, could buy a handgun for her own protection.

Upon learning of the women's unfamiliarity with firearms, an Arms Room employee handed them a loaded weapon with the safety on and headphones and pointed the costumers toward the firing range.

Buchan had her pair of headphones over her ears as she and her friend entered the gallery.

The women then found their assigned place but the noise of shots fired in the neighboring lane kept increasing.

According to the suit, the plaintiff "could feel the vibration of each shot ringing through her ears more than the shot before."

"The plaintiff reached atop her head for the headphones to push them inward against her face in an attempt to muffle the loudness of the weapon being fired," it states.

"The plaintiff's attempts to dampen the noise were not successful at all, which surprised the plaintiff."

Ten minutes passed before the women exited the range.


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