Friday, April 13, 2012

ATA, NSSA, & NSCA should no longer mail Annual Average Cards!

It’s time for the national clay target shooting organizations to examine the cost of mailing membership and average cards upon annual renewal.

Instead of doing an average card mailing for each member, shooters would go to their association’s website after payment and download the current average card and proof of membership.

The Amateur Trapshooting Association (ATA) already has a “Shooter Detail Report” for each shooter that is “Print Friendly” posted to its website. If an ATA member you should take a look at your report, very impressive!

It can easily be used in place of the annual average card that is mailed to each member, as it contains all the information that is mailed to members each year. More importantly it’s updated after every shoot report received. A slight modification to the form so shooters can add scores and the ATA would be set to go. Not sending out, say 20,000 average cards. The savings would be?

I see no reason why the computer wizards at the NSSA and the NSCA could not do the same. A savings that could be instead spent promoting the shooting sports in national non-shooting publications!

Also, many services on the internet have an option for annual automatic renewal. Why not the same option for members of clay target organizations?

An email would be generated each year by a computer program stating your automatic renewal will take place in the next 30 days, go to this page if you wish to decline renewal. Your credit card or Paypal account would be used. A second email would be generated upon receipt telling the member to go to the association’s website and download the average card (membership). Or, it could be set to send a PDF attachment with a current average card.

Its time to take advantage of the technology on hand!

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