Monday, April 23, 2012

Canadian Firearms License Renewal

Received my renewal application for my Canadian Firearms License (five year license).

Your suppose to receive the application 90 days before your current one expires.  I received my at the 91 day mark.

No fee to renew the license.  Yes, no charge!

A new passport size photo was required.  I went to AAA and had it done. Cheaper then using the photo shop at Walmart and one of the benefits of being a AAA member. You can use your own photo, but you have to reduce and cut to size.  Not worth the effort!

My spouse was required to sign the application.  They have the right to contact her if they have any questions on mental health status or what have you. 

As an American with a Canadian Firearms license I'm also required to provide a letter from U.S. law enforcement stating that I don't have a criminal record.  A stop at the sheriffs department and the letter was in hand within 48 hours.  The letter must be current and on department letter head. You can send in a copy of the letter.

The application was returned last Friday.  Mailed in the envelope provided.  They run there own checks upon receiving the application.  By law they have to sit on it for so many days to give the checks they do ample time to clear the system with either not a problem or a problem.

The license is then sent on to one of the Providences.  For me it's Quebec. For my initial license and my previous renewal I ended up calling the firearm center and asking where my license was, as ten weeks had gone by and no license in hand.  Both times it was sitting in an office in Quebec, processing not completed.  Both times, a week went by and the license was received via airmail postal rate.  I'm not the first that had this problem with the Quebec office.

The first week of July I will be calling and prepared to play phone tag.  Just the way it is, but I could be surprised!

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