Friday, April 13, 2012

Gander Mtn. Shell Sale. About Time!

Gander Mtn. has Federal Top Gun shells on sale for $5.99 a box. They normally sell for $6.49.

I had two $10 off Gander Mt. certificates for purchases of $50 or more. No restrictions on use and no expiration date. I've been sitting on them for a few years. We're given out at a Flagler Chain shoot upon registration.

Purchased two cases at $49.90, before tax using both certificates. They had to ring me up twice, as could only use one certificate per purchase.

First time I purchased anything shooting related at Gander Mtn. in I don't know how long, as usually no deals to be found and overpriced. I always ended up at Dicks when looking for a deal on Top Gun Shells.

I talked to the manager and he said in the last six months he has been seeing sales on ammunition.

I just purchased the same shells at the sale price for a few dollars less per case from another source, but in a pinch I would shop the sales at Gander Mtn.

A warning on Gander Mtn. and Dicks money off certificates, many exclude ammunition purchases. Read the fine print!

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