Monday, April 09, 2012

Remington Rebates 2012, Not Happening!

Both Winchester and Federal have come out with their 2012 Target Shell Rebate programs. Not a word from Remington, except rumors posted on various talk boards.

As of this posting, no clay target shot shell rebates offered for 2012.

This has been the rumor for most of the winter and unfortunately seems to be true.

Also, seen posted on talk boards but a little hard to believe, is Remington was thinking of exiting the clay target shot shell business. Shells for clay target shooters is but a small portion of Remington, but a shell seen at all shoots and a favorite shell for many that reload. Remington is owned by Cerberus Capital Management and if the line of shells is dropped I suspect profit margins is what they looked at.

In anycase, you can receive a $20 rebate per case (US & Canada) from both Winchester and Federal (Gold Medal).

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