Friday, April 27, 2012

Rochester Brooks Spring Deuce 2012 (Friday)

A cold afternoon at the Rochester Brooks Gun Club, Rush New York.

We shot the 100 target preliminary.

Spring Deuce Video (Friday)

Put my rain gear paints on to cut down on the cold wind.  Thankfully, I brought my winter shooting jacket and gloves.

Station 1, 2, and 3 were tough with the wind blowing.  I doubt target presentations were what the target setter had in mind.  The gray skies were no help : (

Once we got  passed those three stations, it seemed we were out of the worst of the wind (20 to 30 knots) and targets were what you expect and scores picked up.

Expected it to be muddy on the course but not a problem.

Suppose to hit at least 50 on both Saturday and Sunday.  Just hope we see some sun!

Shoot Photos

We have to be on the parcour at 8:30am Saturday for FITASC.


Guns in the News, the Lost Target Website

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