Saturday, April 28, 2012

Rochester Brooks Spring Deuce 2012 (Saturday)

Much improved weather on the second day of the shoot.  Only in the 40s, but hardly any wind and sunny skies.

FITASC in the AM.  Parcour 1 had a little more distance then Parcour 2.  Fair targets and no eye test.

We shot a re-shoot on the 14 station prelim course in the PM. 

Saturday Video

Not seen in the last few years, but the club this year had a course set just for the small gauge events.  A return to the good old days and something that made the Spring Deuce special.  I was not expecting this and passed on the small gauge events, but something I most likely will do next year, shooting the 28 gauge event.

Walking the prelim course today I observed several stations set in the distance (closed off and not used) that will be used for the main event on Sunday. The main event is usually 17 stations.

Shoot Photos


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