Monday, April 30, 2012

Rochester Brooks Spring Deuce 2012 (Sunday)

The weather was the difference between night and day from Friday to Sunday.   For the most part sunny and a high of 60 degrees (16 celsius). A slight breeze as the day wore on. On Friday we were wearing winter clothes and trying to keep warm and protected from the cold wind.

Three flights on Sunday, the first at 8:30.  I shot at 11:30 and departed as the third flight was taking the field.


17 stations, the usual for the Spring Deuce.

Refs were knowledgeable and all explained target presentation before show targets were called for.  Many times I heard do you want to see them again!

I didn't shoot that great, but don't feel that I got beat up by the target setter and had a good time. All were hittable targets. No eye test that I can remember.

A couple of times I saw machine problems.  Someone was working the problem almost immediately. All the repair people had cell phones and could be quickly notified by the refs. On two occasions machines were changed out with a tractor. Hats off to the guys working maintenance.

For the most part a different main course in regard to use of club properly. I've been attending this shoot for a number of years and the first time I had seen the part of the property where the majority of the main course stations were located. A nice surprise!

This weekend shoot reminded me of shoots held several years in the past. To be honest I was thinking of dropping this shoot, as something had been missing the last few years. Almost not worth the drive (over five hours).

This year the dedicated small gauge course was something not seen in recent years and as I mentioned the main course shot over basically virgin territory. Not just a shuffle of machines and stands on the preliminary course.  Until the last few years the main course in the past was always a surprise. I for one appreciate the extra effort put in this year!

We're already talking about next year.  With the addition of the dedicated small gauge course we plan on shooting it next year.  Something we stopped doing when they combined it with the the preliminary course.


The club house building will be undergoing a complete rehab to include additional deck space.

Motels are 15 minutes north of the club. 15 minutes north of the motels is major shopping, to include Gander Mtn. and Dicks.

The Rochester Brooks Gun Club is located just south of Rochester, New York.


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