Friday, May 11, 2012

White Flyer Targets Modified (mid west only)

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To: White Flyer Distributors
Gun Club Managers/ Personnel
From: White Flyer Targets
Subject: New White Flyer Targets

Hi All:

 Recently you may have noticed receiving orders from White Flyer/ Webb City in which a memo was attached to each pallet stating “Tooling Change was made on these targets and readjustment of the splitter or knife may be necessary”. What basi...cally occurred was that the first step of the target was lowered by about fifteen-thousandths.
In talking to gun clubs in the Midwest that have received these ‘newer’ targets, adjustments have been minimal, but the shooters have remarked that these ‘newer’ targets are different in that they ‘smoke’ better than the ‘older’ WF targets! Rumors started that WF mixed bio ingredients into this target and this is why it ‘smokes’ a light, grayish color. Other rumors were that the dimensions, plus weights, have been changed and it is a completely new target. Quite frankly, a lot of misinformation is going on out there and we felt it necessary to contact you and ask you to please pass this memo onto your customers & gun clubs.
First and foremost, this ‘newer’ target is different in only two areas, the height of the first step and its composition. They still undergo a 27-step process of quality control to measure weights and concentricity- the specs which are weight mandated by the ATA and other organizations have NOT changed. The main difference and the thing that shooters are commenting about is the fact that when centered, instead of the ‘black sootball’, you get a whitish, gray picture of the smoked target. This is where the only change has been made to this target- a different style of pitch is now being used that is lighter in color and therefore causes the target to ‘smoke’ whitish, gray. Outside of this pitch change, no other aspect, other than the very first step, are any different. Extensive testing has been done on these ‘newer’ targets and in our testing, we found that they actually break/ smoke better that their older AA pitch counterpart. There is no question that when smoked, against a dark background, they could be mistaken for our biodegradable target that smokes a whitish color. It will take a bit of getting used to with this lighter smoke, but overall we feel this is a better target.
At the current time, this ‘newer’ target will only be produced at our Webb City, Missouri, target plant. Hence, many shoots in the Midwestern US will receive these targets over the next few months. We wanted to dispel any of the rumors out there that they were suddenly shooting a totally new WF target because they weren’t.
Hopefully this clears up the misconceptions about what you will be using and what to expect. Should you and your gun clubs have any questions, please feel free to call me directly at our Houston office @ 713-626-1843.

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