Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Build a Gun Rack for Clay Target Shooting

I saw an easy to build combination gun rack & bench using a bench/table kit on the skeet field at the Kayaderosseras Fish & Game Club when I attended the clubs trap shoot last Sunday.

At least three around the skeet field, maybe four, but I didn't take a count.

Not uncommon to see benches behind several stations on a skeet field. Sometimes shooters just need to take a break while waiting there turn to shoot. The addition of a gun rack is a big plus!

I took a few photos and video for those who might be interested.

I like what I saw and looks simple to build. I might make a slight modification if I was building, but looks like a solid build.

I have seen the bench/table kit at Lowe's, but never envisioned the gun rack concept. The parts for the bench/table when I Googled could be had for around $45 - $50, not including lumber.

Be a nice addition to any club shooting any of the clay target disciplines!


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