Sunday, June 17, 2012

Hiccup with my Remington 1100 at the Trap Shoot

 A problem with my Remington 1100 at the Vermont State Trap Shoot. 

After sixteen shots and with the bolt locked to the rear, the carrier release button would not budge.  I took the barrel off, took a quick look as maybe a BB stuck in the action.  No luck!

A quick run to the car (happened to be parked next to the field) and grabbed a backup gun.  I don't normally carry a second gun, but something made me throw it in the vehicle the night before.  Maybe a habit to get into when shooting the Remington!

Of course, I missed the first shot with the second gun.

After the first 100 targets I messed with the non-working gun.  I dropped the trigger and fiddled around with the release button and the little flip part and wire.  Button started to work after just a few seconds of fiddling.  A quick cleaning with Break Free and used the gun for the 2nd 100 without problem.

I could be wrong and this could be a parts problem, but the malfunction was entirely my fault.  I remember thinking should I clean the trigger and decided not.  A big mistake.  I had been shooting the gun heavily the past six weeks. I let to much gunk build up in the area of the release. I did hit the trigger with a bottle of air, but was to lazy to drop the trigger to do a proper cleaning. 

It pays to keep the gun clean and oiled, to include the trigger group.


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