Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Jun 16, 2012 @ the Vermont State Trap Shoot

This past Saturday I attended the Vermont State Trap Shoot at the Montpelier Gun Club.


I take a ferry to cross Lake Champlain from New York to Vermont. Messed up on ferry crossing times and just missed a ride. Only two ferry's running before 7am and lost 30 minutes. Three ferry's run after 7am and usually minimum wait times.  Next time I'll check the schedule.

Arrived late at the shoot and during registration they played the national anthem and just after announced squads that needed to report to the fields. Of course, my squad was one of the first to shoot. I had pre-registered for squad five, but two squads were scratched and with three squads starting....

Luckily, I was not the last to report to the field and had a chance to collect myself.  Hit the first 15 - 16 shots and then my gun broke.  A quick run to the vehicle to get a backup gun and of course missed the first one out.  Never got comfortable the rest of the day even though I was able to fix the gun and use it for the second 100.  Thanks to the two people who offered me the use of a gun when I was taking my broken gun to the vehicle.

The club has a shot curtain to protect a small stream.

A photo from the practice field.

Field #5.

Field #3
Targets really pop (easy to see) when launched towards the curtain.  You need to think focus when on a field where the majority of targets do not have the curtain, as the curtain can make you lazy in regard to looking for the target. Cost prohibitive, but I wished the whole line had the curtain.  Like I said, the targets really pop!

Weather was great and just a slight breeze kicked up in the afternoon.

The previous year I had seen issues with voice release and a few machine problems, but none this year. 

A nice shoot with a small club feel. 


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