Monday, July 09, 2012

Canadian Firearm License Renewal

Sent my renewal paper work in for my five year license in May.  The firearm center shows a received date of 2012/04/26.  More then the 45 days they say it takes to process.

My license expires on the 19th. Getting a little to close for comfort.

Called the Canada Firearms Centre today and found, as the last time I did a renewal, it was sitting in the Quebec firearm office.

I was told by a polite gentleman at the Quebec office they had it and were going to mark it priority and if I didn't receive it in the next two weeks to telephone.

Almost the same thing I was told five years ago.  Mailing to the states they usually go Air Mail. Hopefully, I will have it before my current license expires.

If for some reason I don't receive it in time I will have to pay the $25 temporary import fee to bring my firearms into Canada until I receive it.  I supposedly can ask for a refund, sending in my proof of paying the fee.  A pain and don't really want to go that route.  Most likely will just skip a shoot or two until my license is in hand.

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  1. Received my renewed license.

    Post marked Jul 11th.