Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Jul 22 @ the SCFC (Vt) Fun Shoot

We attended the skeet & trap fun shoot at the Sportsman's Club of Franklin County Inc., last Sunday.

Shooters had the option to shoot one or both events; 50 skeet and/or 50 trap.

A member trophy shoot with awards to the top three shooters in each event.


Registration was next to the fields in a tent set up for same, instead of at the club house. 

Someone was thinking smart! 

Not a long walk to the club house, but over the course of the day the walk gets longer and longer.  Also, it was nice to see everyone hanging around the fields instead of heading over to the clubhouse.

A windy day, but skeet #2 and #3 field are known to hold the humidity on a warm day, wind or not.  Two rounds of skeet and I drank a quart of water!

Good targets. Flew steady for the most  part. The clubs three fields all have PAT TRAP skeet machines installed. A little noisy at the low house, but very reliable machines (used throughout the winter without issues).

The wife beat me by one target. I bought her an ice cream on the way home : )

The clubs lone trap also has a PAT TRAP installed with voice release.  Just prior to the shoot all the speakers had been replaced. 

Very good trap targets.  A number of somewhat flat birds because of the wind, but pretty consistent. Never had a problem seeing a bird!

Hamburgers, Hotdogs and cold drinks were part of the shoot fee. $10 per event.


The club is located southwest of Swanton (I-89) along the lake (Rt 36).  Open in the summer on Thursday after 3pm and Sundays starting at 9am.  Membership and the cost to shoot is easy on the pocketbook.  The club also has a gated outdoor rifle/pistol range.  Members pay an extra $10 per year to help pay for the ranges upkeep.


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