Monday, July 09, 2012

Sunday @ the Quebec Cup Trap Shoot

A good day at the Quebec Cup Trap Shoot.


The first time in my memory Club de tir Valleyfield used four fields to shoot 100 targets.  25 targets per field. My favorite way to shoot trap.  I'm told 20 years ago that was the norm!

The club has worked its butt off to get to the point where it's able to put that many PAT traps and voice release in operation. 

Not many years back, a club on its death bed.  All the money spent, losing money. The few skeet and trap machines in any type of working condition were the old Winchester machines and barely running.  Broken targets was the norm!  Buildings and fences falling down and the clubhouse roof needed replacement. Electrical was a mess. Several trap and skeet shooters took over the club and the turnaround started.

The club now has three skeet fields (all modern machines).  Four trap fields with PAT Traps and at some point will have a fifth PAT Trap with voice release (an old Winchester in the building now).  The last two sets of voice release purchased have been wireless.  The club also has a decent 5-stand.  Each year a new project brings new improvement! I would not be surprised to see six fields with PAT traps.

Back to the shoot...

Blue skies and around 80 degrees.  A wind blowing most of the day.  Left to right, coming a little off the back of my left shoulder.  Saw a lot of flat targets.

Machines were working good.  Saw one problem with a voice release and it was changed out in minutes. 

Very aggressive keeping machines topped off.

Doubles was shot first, then singles and handicap followed.

The cook did a great job.  None of that pre-cooked hamburger and rewarm garbage.


The club has a couple of fun shoots  coming up in August.  One a five man team shoot, but my favorite is where they bring in an outfitter and 100s of decoys are placed on the fields (2).  You shoot out of boats and blinds set up on the fields.  Makes for a fun day. You see a lot of pump guns!

Returning to the states I saw no traffic at the crossing.  U.S customs wanted to know how I did at the shoot?

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