Tuesday, August 07, 2012

CAN-AM Olympic Bunker Trap @ L'Acadie

Three bunkers, 49 shooters in attendance (Aug 4/5).


Club L'Acadie pulled out all the stops for this shoot.  Built weather covers over the shooting stations for two bunkers and activated a third bunker when a few weeks before the shoot it was seen the event was going to have more then 45 shooters. Parts had to be ordered and installed!

I was there on Saturday. A warm and humid day.  In the 90's.

Voice release was working well!  No computer issues that I was aware of.

A great background and blue skies.

I saw target breakage issues on the just activated bunker, but when I returned in a few hours I observed a flawless round.

Nationally ranked Sporting Clays/FITASC Jr. shooter Shawn Stitt , Quebec, participated. The one round where I watched him shoot he shot 23x25.


Most English I heard spoken at the club in many years : )

Second hand information but I'm told the winds kicked up on Sunday.  The club also planned on Sunday to hold a BBQ.


Beretta was at the club on Saturday.  The club gave them a skeet, trap and the 5-stand to use so people could try their products. A well attended event.  The parking lot was full for most of the day.

Club de tir l'Acadie


Club de tir l'Acadie is located just southeast of Montreal.  About 25 minutes from the NY I-87 border crossing.

$25 to temporarily import a shotgun or rifle into Canada.  Process the paperwork at the border.  See the link to the right of this posting for further information. 

On the day I crossed no traffic going into Canada (main border) and using a side border crossing on the return, I was the only vehicle.  Not always that lucky!

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