Thursday, August 09, 2012

Free Money for School Shooting Teams

 Scholastic Shooting Trust Fund

A message from Larry Potterfield, President of the MidwayUSA Foundation, Inc.:
"The Scholastic Shooting Trust Fund was created to raise money for shooting teams for high-schools, colleges, and universities all over America. Over 20,000 schools in total! You can make a tax deductible contribution indicating the school of your preference to receive the benefit of your gift.
Shooting teams of high-schools, colleges, and universities provide wonderful opportunities for students to make friends, to develop confidence, and learn discipline and leadership skills, just like other sports. However, most schools provide little or no funding for shooting teams, so its up to us to help. On our website you will find nearly every high-school, college, and university in America,the contributions received to date, the current active shooting programs for each school, and the anticipated funding for next season events. Your gift is tax deductible and will be invested with the earnings provided each year to the shooting teams. This allows your gift to provide permanent funding and truly change the future. Make a gift today specifying the school or schools of your preference to receive the benefits of your contribution. Your gift may support existing shooting programs or help new ones get started. So please join me in contributing and be generous.
With your support, we can change the future."
Grants are available to any school with a balance in their Scholastic Shooting Trust Fund. Each shooting program may ask for a maximum grant equal to or less than 5% of their school fund balance (as shown on the school's webpage, under "Find A School"). The goal is to provide permanent financial support for scholastic shooting programs.
Schools with a balance in their account may apply for a grant once per calendar year by downloading the grant application (found below), completing it and mailing it to the Foundation by either June 15th or December 15th of each year.

 Schools may use grant proceeds to fund travel, uniforms, ammunition, entry fees, scholarships, range fees, etc; however, grant funds may not be used to purchase firearms.

The applications are reviewed and decided upon by the Foundation Board of Directors at its January and July board meetings. For June applications, grants will be paid to the shooting program on or about August 15th. For the December applications, grants will be paid to the shooting team on or about February 15th.

The Foundation reserves the right to audit a shooting programs use of grant funds.

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