Sunday, August 19, 2012

Money making fun shoot for clay target clubs

A lot of hunters out there, vastly more then clay targets shooters.  How to get them to the club?

If your club is looking for means to raise money and at the same time attract new members.

Valleyfield (Quebec)

Fun Shoot - Sauvaginiers du Suroit (Hunter Sporting)


An outfitter and his organization worked with the club. They did advertising through its regional organization. The organization ran registrations and took care of lunch. The club ran the fields.

A win win for both.  The organization promoted what it does and the club earned a ton of money and reached an audience of shooters that normally don't shoot clay targets.

Two fields with decoys spread about. 

Three blinds (shooting positions) per field, to include a boat. Two shooters per blind.

Shoot fee included two boxes of ammo and lunch.

Over 100 shooters in attendance, mostly non-members.

Two fields also used for practice (one skeet and one trap).  Used most of the day. The club charged the member rate.


I imagine all clubs have members who have decoys, portable blinds, and a boat or two. 

No need for an outside organization if several members are willing to do the leg work. 

Flyer's posted at DICKS, GANDER MTN and other sporting good stores in the region.  An article in the local newspaper.

Contact local outfitters and invite them to set up tables at the club on the day of the shoot. Make sure the outfitters also get flyer's for passing around.  Any hunting organizations in your region, Ducks Unlimited? Ask the local TV station to send a crew over the day of the shoot. You might even be able to kick up a few donations.  Never hurts to ask!

Sounds like a lot of work, it is!

But, if the club is lacking funds and/or members, what do you have to lose?

Also, regular members of the club may get a kick out of an event like this.  Might put some life back into the club...

One last thing.  Don't undercharge.  At least non-member rate or higher for event targets, plus shell cost, lunch, and any prizes given.   After that is figured, plan on charging an additional $10 - 20 per shooter.

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