Monday, August 06, 2012

Sunday @ Vermont Sporting Clays Championship

Six from the area attended the Northeast Kingdom Skeet Club to shoot the main event at the Vermont State Sporting Clays Championships.

A warm day, in the 80's.

A shotgun start at 10am.  Referees on all stations.


Three of the fourteen stations were set for A and B class shooters.  At least three stations set for D class shooters.  The remaining stations presented a good mix of target presentations and most should have had a good workout without getting the feeling of being beating up.

A big change from previous years as "Skeet in the Woods" was the reputation!

A bulldozer, chain saws and a rerouted course can do wonders.  A major undertaking for the club this past spring.

The photos don't do some stations justice, but I never had a problem seeing a target.  Only one station where I felt rushed on a second target.  A wind blowing the targets was the problem, not the fault of the target setter.

A backup on one station for three or four squads. Two incomers.  The second target every second or third time would come out broken.  We were the last to shoot the station and not resolved. Felt bad for the referee, a young kid.  We had a problem at the start of the shoot with a machine throwing broken targets, but squad member Phil LaMarche took a look and saw the target was hitting the side of the machines cover.  He moved the cover on the machine several inches to the right and problem solved.

The course can only get better in the future as additional battery operated machines are added to the course.

A lunch was included in the registration fee. The ladies did a great job!

A long bird contest was held, as well as an event using the clubs 5-stand. Saturday saw NSCA shooting as well.

I included photos of the clubs new trap field.


Final results are pending. Will be added to the photo page, as well as links to any additional photos when posted.

A word of caution to any who have health issues and don't have a motorized cart.  The course is set along the side of a mountain.  Enough said!

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