Sunday, September 23, 2012

NY State Trooper, you lost a bit of respect today!

I was driving to a shoot Sunday morning and was stuck behind five vehicles traveling west on Route 11.  The lead vehicle according to my GPS was going between 47 and 50 mph in a 55 mph zone.  A no passing part of the highway and no opportunity to pass for any of us, as a winding part of the road.  Saying that, good visibility and dry roads.

We passed a NY State Trooper vehicle parked along the side of the road.  Looking in my rear vehicle I see just as we are about to lose sight of him he pulls out and starts following us, keeping his distance.

About a mile up the road we finally get to a passing area and the number 3 vehicle passes the number 2 vehicle and pulls back in.  Maybe 30 seconds later he passes the number 1 vehicle and takes the lead.

Sure enough, on comes the emergency lights and the state trooper passes us all and pulls over the vehicle who done the passing.

What a crock.  The passing vehicle from what I could see never went faster then 65 mph and he passed in a safe manner.  Most, if not all of us have done this hundreds of times, to include the trooper in question.

The more I think about it I imagine the trooper knows that part of the road and looks for four or five vehicles following a slower vehicle and uses the opportunity to write a ticket that most troopers would be embarrassed to give.   

Write a ticket for passing on a double line, speeding in a work zone, but for this?

You lost a bit of respect today…

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