Sunday, September 02, 2012

Quebec Trap Shooting Championships

I attended the Quebec Trap Shooting Championships. I shot Saturday and Sunday. Passed on doubles.

VIDEO  (Singles)

The kids working the shoot hustled throughout the weekend.

Scores posted in  a timely manner.

A few problems with voice release (not on my squad).  They were switched out in a timely manner.  I don't remember any broken targets being thrown.

Saturday, I had problems adjusting to field #4, both in the AM and PM, but not to badly in  the PM.  I ended up holding about three inches higher.  Managed to win my class.  The higher hold point worked on Sunday also. 

Free corn on the cob on Saturday!

Sunday, field #3 cost me a handful of targets.   Hard left targets went high, really high.  Was chasing after them (and not catching them). Station one was not fun! Had me holding more to the left then I normally do.

Sunday could of been better time managed. People who drive any distance were looking at the clock.  I suggest a timely start and the use of four doubles fields to move things along. Handicaps needed to start earlier then it did. The down time between doubles and handicap needs to be shortened considerable. 

Photos / Video / Results

I posted three videos.  Saturday, Sunday and a Awards video.  The awards runs long as very limited editing.   Mostly in French, but the first trophy is given to an American from Minnesota.

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