Friday, September 28, 2012

Remington 1100 light contour barrel

I've been shooting my 1100 for sporting clays on and off for the last year.

My 26 inch barrel was adequate, but something was missing.  I ended up shooting my 30 inch barrel, but not always happy with the swing.

I had been thinking of purchasing a 28 inch barrel for the wife and if I did I give it a try.  A few months back I ran into a deal on a 28 inch light contour barrel and pulled the trigger on the sale.  I just got around to shooting it a few weeks back, as not wanting to make changes during the peak of the shooting season and liked the way the gun moved in my hands.

Not a sporting clays test, but I shot it at a skeet fun shoot and shot 47x50.  Only missing high house station #1 birds.  Missing because I was holding to high.  Didn't shoot the first target, as I never saw it.  Anyway, I found it shot flatter then my 30 inch barrel without making any comb adjustments. Suited me perfectly!

This past week my wife gave it a try on the skeet field.  She mounted the gun that was set for the 26 inch barrel she uses and couldn't see the beads.  We ended up adding three washers to the comb! A nice round shot and mostly center hits! As I had experienced, it seemed to shoot flatter then the 26 inch barrel she uses. Anyway, its now her barrel!

A bit of searching around and I found another deal on a used light contour barrel.  You can find them used for under $175, but it takes patience and some poking around.

I'll put the two 26 inch barrels on EBay. Seeing what they are going for I don't expect to make big bucks. Hopefully, both will pay for at least one of the light contour barrels!

As a side note.  I have a theory on barrel length. I don't think 26 inch 1100 barrels cycles ammunition as well as longer barrels. May have something to do with gas buildup and the longer barrel. I seem to never have an ammo hiccup with the 30 inch barrel, but  using the same ammunition I can have problems with the 26 inch barrel.

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