Monday, September 17, 2012

Sep 16 @ the Farnham Fun Trap Shoot

We shot the annual fun trap shoot at Club Chasse, Pêche & Tir de Farnham inc., Farnham, Québec.

50 targets. Ammunition included in the shoot fee.


I first visited the club last year and thought this years targets were a big improvement from what we experienced the previous year. If I was a club member I would ask that orange rim targets be thrown instead of black rim.  A tough background when they fly to the right!  Maybe not a big problem when the sun is shinning, but most of the time the sun was behind the clouds.

Someone not familiar with clay target shooting, I assume a rifle person made the trap range rules, as you were not allowed to hold your gun when someone went downrange to load targets.  Good for the puller who brought it to are attention, but at first had no idea what she were talking about!

My wife Heide shot well.  Especially the second round.  A mishap with score keeping resulted in the posted scores not being correct.  She missed one target for a score of 24x25.  According to my score keeping she beat me my one target. As they were not calling out after every post change, we had to live with it.  The second fun shoot this year where this happened. I know it's just a fun shoot and you hate to say anything, but when the scoring gets messed up... 

The cost of lunch was $1 for a soft drink, $1 for a hot dog, and a $1 for hand cut french fries (a generous serving).


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