Sunday, October 14, 2012

ATA Trap Handicap Yardage, Why 18 Yards?



A shooter will be handicapped between 18 and 27 yards and at the
highest yardage punched on his/her Average Card, unless he/she is
required to shoot penalty yardage.

1. New lady shooter - new lady shooters will be assigned a handicap
of 19.0 yards.

2. New sub-junior shooter – a new male shooter who has not reached
his 15th birthday will be assigned a handicap of 19.0 yards. A new
male shooter who has reached his 15th birthday will be assigned a
handicap of 20 yards. All additional yardage increases or reductions
will be earned.


Ages before the event of changeable chokes, adjustable combs, adjustable length of pull, recoil reduction systems and even adjustable or replacement ribs, and modern shotgun shells; short handicap shooting made sense.  Only top shooters scored in the 90's at any distance! Now if you don't shoot in the 90's your just shooting for fun. Yes, even at the 18 yard line!

PAT Traps not hand loaded trap machines, voice release, and radar guns. All modern equipment that has helped raise scores.

Also, and this must be part of the discussion, the angle of targets thrown left/right, is not as wide as it was at shoots held in the "old" days.  Less angle, easier targets...

In the past two years the ATA has been given yardage reductions to shooters who are no longer competitive (maintaining minimum averages) at the yardage they earned.  Some have ended on the 18 yard line!

Why in this modern era are we still shooting from the 18 and 19 yard line?

Can anyone explain to me the difference in 16 yard shooting (singles) and 18 yard shooting.

The only difference I see is an increase of moving voice release speakers after each shot because of an increasing mix of 18, 19, and 20 yard shooters.

A new male shooter 15 and older is assigned the 20 yard line.  Female shooters assigned the 19 yard line.  Yet, we insist on keeping the 18 yard line, when even new shooters don't start from that distance.

Lets move the game into the modern era and at least element 18 yard shooting, if  not 19 yard shooting as well!

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