Monday, October 08, 2012

October Trap Shoot @ Kayaderosseras

Kayaderosseras Fish & Game Club, Ballston Spa, New York.

My second visit of the year.  The last "targets only" shoot of the year.

Two trap fields.

The club advertises a 9:30 start time and at 9:30 if not sooner the first squad was on the field.

A cool start to the day, but by the time my squad (squad 5) took the field it warmed up enough so that a few layers of clothing could be removed.

No problems with the voice release and machines threw targets without any issues.

I usually have problems with field #2 targets.  My score drops off, but not this time.  Had four good rounds!

A two hour drive to get home and passed on handicap.  Doubles was also offered. A long weekend as we shot NSSA skeet on Saturday in Quebec. It was time to head home. 


On the way home I almost took out two turkeys on I-87.  Saw one crossing the road and slowed down.  From 70 to 50 in a blink of an eye.  Sure enough two more popped out and if I had not slowed to 50 I would have hit them both. As it was, a close call.  Nice size birds!

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