Thursday, November 01, 2012

ATA Average Card, Print Your Card!

The ATA has implemented an easy way for a member to print an up to date average card.

In the paperwork that came with this seasons Average Card it contained the following announcement:

"Due to the ever increasing costs of postage and handling we are asking that you print your average card in the future.  When you print your average card, you will also be printing all of your individual scores and averages for the current year."

* Shoot information has been available in the past. Shoot updates usually lags by a few weeks, more if a club does not send in information on a timely bases. Bug the club not the ATA if you don't see your scores posted!

I'm left with the impression this will be the last year the card will be mailed, unless requested.

A huge saving to any organization.  No postage and handling  fees! 

Membership and shoot fees can be utilized for something other then subsidizing the postal system!

As part of the process of accessing your printable Average Card via password access, you have to provide an email address. 

I imagine a system that emails renewal notices.  You pay on line or via snail mail.  Receive an email acknowledgement of payment and notified by the ATA to watch your account for the update to the current shooting year! You print the card and your set to go...

How long before the NSSA / NSCA follows?


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